Baltimore County

Healthy Lawn Programs in Baltimore County MD

Baltimore County, MD, features homes with beautiful green lawns that create truly picturesque neighborhoods. However, keeping these homes looking their best can be a long and challenging task for people trying to do it on their own. Finding a healthy lawn program in Baltimore County, MD, that can help preserve your yard’s lush look just got easier with the help of Go Green Lawn and Pest Control!

We provide our customers with personalized care programs that address their lawn’s unique characteristics and the pest problems they may face over time. Our healthy lawn programs for Baltimore County, MD, have helped countless homeowners protect their yard through eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

Residential Yard Pest Control Services Throughout Baltimore County, MD

Whether it’s an infestation of moles or you have insects running rampant through your yard, outdoor pests have a way of ruining your perfectly manicured lawn in no time. Homeowners have to find humane and effective ways to deal with these pests before their yard gets devastated. Our yard pest control services in Baltimore County, MD, can help you get your lawn back from the critters.

Our team comes out and looks at the specific pests that have started calling your yard home, and we can figure out the most effective way to rid yourself of them. Every pest is different, and we have ways of dealing with each of them.

Mosquito, Flea, and Tick Control in Baltimore County, MD

Small mammals aren’t the only pests that our yard pest control service in Baltimore County, MD, can handle — we can also tackle insects! With mosquitos, fleas, and ticks potentially carrying a wide assortment of diseases, you don’t want to have your outdoor summer fun ruined by a sudden infestation. Instead of trying different DIY deterrents, our healthy lawn program tailored to your Baltimore County, MD, yard will address the ballooning insect populations and get your yard back under control for the summer.

Lawn Care Services Across Baltimore County, MD

In addition to keeping your lawn pest-free the entire year, our experienced lawn care specialists can keep your property looking its absolute best. Our healthy lawn programs in Baltimore County, MD, focus on addressing brown spots on your foliage, keeping the overall appearance of your yard the envy of your neighbors.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Baltimore County, MD

After a particularly long and hot summer, your lawn can begin to show signs of wear and tear from the drought-like conditions. Fortunately, our yearly lawn aeration service in Baltimore County, MD, can rehabilitate your lawn quickly. Our lawn care technicians come into your yard, aerate the soil, allowing for the grass and nearby roots the space to grow unimpeded. We help reduce impacted soil, preventing your grass from coming back vibrantly green.

The second half of our yearly lawn aeration service in Baltimore County, MD, is our overseeding program. We sprinkle grass seeds throughout your yard — paying particular attention to the brown spots — to help your yard come back looking lush and green again.

Tree and Shrub Care in Baltimore County, MD

The combination of your trees and shrubbery offers the set dressing that makes your home look amazing to your visitors. Having an experienced tree and shrub care specialist on hand to diagnose potential tree diseases of fungal infections becomes essential for Central Maryland homes.

Our team of experts will diagnose what’s wrong with your foliage and determine the best treatment plan to get them healthy again. We have a deep understanding of what can infect a tree or shrubs and provide a solution to help fix the problem before it gets worse.

Commercial Lawn Care for Businesses in Baltimore County, MD

While residential properties in Baltimore County, MD, benefit from healthy lawn programs, they aren’t the only ones that need some help. Commercial properties can use our lawn care programs to keep their grass, shrubs, and trees looking their best for their customers coming to visit their space. Ensuring that first impression is an excellent one is something our team takes great pride in providing. Whether you are a locally-owned small business or a large chain retailer, we can help keep your lawns looking their best.

If you think that your Baltimore County, MD, home could use some help from the lawn care professionals, Go Green Lawn and Pest Control is here to help! We specialize in helping residential and commercial properties maintain their pristine appearance and keep them healthy for the long haul. Contact our team for a free quote and to schedule your next appointment!

Keep Pests Away For Good With Our Pest Control Program

When it comes to pest infestations, leaving it to the pros is the best solution. DIY treatments often fail, and your pest problem can get worse. Here at Go Green Lawn and Pest Control, we’ll treat your pest problems and even re-treat for free if you aren’t satisfied the first time.

It’s getting colder and pests are moving indoors! Get a free quote on our pest control services today.