Lawn Care

Annual Lawn Maintenance Services in Central MD

Every homeowner wants to have their lawn look as green as possible. However, taking steps to keep it looking crisp can become a time-consuming endeavor. Keeping your lawn looking as healthy as possible in Central MD requires annual lawn maintenance from the professionals. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control’s healthy lawn care program provides you with the tools you need for a renewed and healthy lawn!

Our team is ready to help the people of Maryland take back control of their lawn’s health, including providing Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Carroll County, and Baltimore County lawn care that they can trust.

Ensuring Sustainability All Year Round

Lawn care is ongoing and can often be high-maintenance, as they require specific treatments and care depending on the season. You should be making sure that you are taking proper care of your lawn throughout the year so it stays healthy during all seasons. When you let Go Green Lawn and Pest Control take the reigns, you get lawn services that include:

  • Exactly what your lawn needs when it’s needed
  • Environmentally friendly lawn applications that deliver proven results
  • Free service calls to ensure the best results
  • Analysis and inspection of your property during each visit.

Professional Soil Testing in Central MD

For homeowners, the key to keeping your Maryland yard looking its best starts with regularly testing your yard’s soil. If your soil is out of balance, you won’t get healthy-looking grass in your yard. Our soil correction technicians work to improve your soil and get your yard back to the lush green look you always wanted. Our team can come to your home and conduct professional soil testing to check how healthy your yard is.

Our annual healthy lawn care program helps you keep your yard and soil in good condition. We can diagnose what your lawn needs and give you the solutions it needs to get back to its healthy look in no time. 

Fertilizer and Weed Control in Central MD

Your lawn is a living thing, which means that you need to make sure it is regularly fed and nourished. Our team provides essential nutrients and biostimulants that are necessary for it to live a long and healthy life. Not only do we make your home look great, but we also allow it to have a stronger foundation.

In Central MD, annual lawn maintenance means taking control of your lawn back from wild weed growth — without the use of harmful fertilizers. An effective healthy lawn care and maintenance program involves giving your property the tools it needs to thrive and live a long life. That involves thoroughly ridding your yard of invasive weeds. However, you could do more harm than good if you use fertilizers with certain chemicals.

We take a custom approach to your lawn, which involves everything from what types of fertilizers we feed your lawn to keeping weeds from killing your lawn and crowding your roots. Every lawn has its own variations of weeds that can come about, so we inspect your lawn on each visit to make sure we are doing the most effective job of eliminating weeds from your lawn and keeping it as healthy as possible!

Our yearly lawn care and maintenance program focuses on using environmentally friendly tools to rid your yard of weeds and maintain its healthy look. We won’t use fertilizers in your yard that have a chance of harming it.

Surface Feeding Insects and Grub Control in Central MD

While your lawn is a living and breathing thing in the environment, you still want to minimize how many insects and grubs are a part of that ecosystem. Our Central MD annual lawn maintenance programs ensure that any grubs and surface-feeding insects on your property don’t reach a stage where they can cause severe damage.

Dealing with indigenous surface-feeding insects gets easier with the help of Go Green’s yearly lawn care and maintenance program. We’ll come out to your property every year and assess the dangers these insects and grubs can have on your lawn. We’ll provide you with the solutions to make these insects less of an issue.

We understand that different bugs and grubs are unique to Central MD. Our eco-friendly methods prevent these pests from reaching the stage of feeding on your roots and leaving behind those brown patches of grass. We take care of all kinds of grubs and surface-feeding insects, including cinch bugs and sod webworms. Team up with us today so grubs don’t suck the life from your lawn!

Lawn Disease Control in Central MD

A benefit of membership in our lawn care services and yearly yard care program includes having better control over the lawn diseases that can affect your yard. Turf disease can have long-lasting effects on your yard if you don’t treat it at the source. Our soil correction technicians can help figure out how to best handle the lawn disease issues.

Turf disease is more and more common in Central MD thanks to warmer climates. You can see this in a variety of different forms, but the most concerning ones are fungus feeding on your grass and roots, allowing brown patches, dollar spots, and powdery mildew to spread throughout your lawn. Lawns typically have fungi that are not harmful to your grass, but the deadly kind can erase all the years of work you’ve put into your lawn.


Our disease control program uses four applications of a highly effective fungicide along with a blend of micronutrients that cure and prevent any damage from turf disease. This treatment is popular among local golf courses, which spend a decent amount of their budget on such programs. If you want your lawn to be protected and look its best, our disease control program is a must.

We provide our customers with access to annual lawn care and treatment services that diagnose and treat fungi that cause lawn disease before they can worsen and cause permanent damage to your lawn. Our team can come out and take the necessary steps to protect your property for the long haul.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Central Maryland

Have you had a traditional green thumb in the past but haven’t been seeing similar results recently? Through no fault of your own, it could be that your yard has seen better days. Our annual lawn maintenance program in Central MD focuses on keeping your lawn the verdant garden it was always meant to be. We ensure that your membership in our annual lawn care services gets your yard aerated properly through regular aeration and seeding practices.

No good lawn care program is complete without aeration and seeding. Go Green Lawn and Pest Control uses the best equipment on the market and premium-grade grass seed to aerate your lawn. The grass seed we use is exclusively for us and carefully maintained to be 100% weed free. We are proud of this product that we use on lawns throughout Central MD, and your lawn is only as good as the quality of the seed you receive — which is why our lawns always look the best!

Our yearly yard care program focuses on helping homeowners counteract potential drought conditions through our overseeding and aeration services. We’ll get your lawn looking healthy again in no time.

Trust Go Green Lawn and Pest Control With Your Yard Care Needs

In Central MD, an annual lawn maintenance program can help keep your property looking as green and lush as possible. We work hard to diagnose the problems in your yard and figure out how to best address the ongoing issues. When you trust our team with your lawn’s long-term health, we’ll ensure you’re happy with the results.

In addition to our yearly yard care programs, we also provide our customers with residential yard pest control, mosquito, flea, and tick control, tree & shrub care, and commercial lawn care.

Contact our team to learn more about our lawn care services today!

Healthy Lawn

Includes fertilization, weed control, grub control, and pH balance.

Healthy Lawn Plus

Includes fertilization, weed control, grub control, and pH balance, PLUS aeration, overseeding, and starter fertilizer.

Healthy Lawn Premium

Includes fertilization, weed control, grub control, pH balance, aeration, overseeding, starter fertilizer, PLUS our disease control program.